Architectural Stained Glass by Solstice Art Source, Inc.

Restoration, Repair, Custom Design and Installation of Architectural Stained and Leaded Glass

Solstice Stained Glass specializes in repair, restoration and new design & fabrication of leaded and stained glass windows.  We are a local studio serving homeowners, religious institutions, and businesses throughout the Chicago and extended metropolitan area. Working closely with you, your architect, or contractor, Solstice will assist with every phase of your project, from design concept and planning for window removal, through proper sizing of openings, glass selection, weatherproofing and method of installation. Repair and restoration projects are assessed based on individual window conditions. From single-piece, on-site repairs to large scale work, we use traditional, conservation-minded techniques, and pay meticulous attention to each panel based on specific needs. Whether you are considering a new stained glass window, looking to replicate or replace a long-missing panel, or thinking about repairing or restoring the treasures in an older building, Solstice will work with you to achieve a superior solution in stained and leaded glass.

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